Tamara falco mi casa es la tuya

Tamara falco mi casa es la tuya

Tamara Falcó receives a wink of Cristina and Chábeli Iglesias

Rafa Nadal has done as the round of the fairs of the villages, but with television programs. A few days ago we could see him cascando with Broncano and joking about Federer in ‘La Resistencia’, and yesterday he dropped in ‘Mi Casa es la Tuya’ with Bertín Osborne. Of course, both in Mallorca. This guy is more attached to his island than Chanquete to his boat.

As it could not be otherwise, Rafa has been asked about his relationship with his wife, with whom he married in 2019. Presenter and guest have gone into the industrial kitchens for athletes (where the frying pan must be new, there they only eat grilled things and steamed vegetables) to prepare a good meal with Nadal’s old friends.

“She was better than me. In the end, she did her office hours, because she is the director of this foundation…. And of course, with so much confinement there was work to give and give away. I could only do a little physical training from home and we live in an apartment,” he said, scoring another touch down set in terms of campiness, beating Juan FucKarlos I, who is in the doldrums in these terms (and in any other).

Telecinco removes ‘Mi casa es la tuya’ from Monday’s schedule after two broadcasts

A film recommended by psychologist Lucía Cuesta because it invites us to seek and find our way. Come, reza, ama is inspired by the homonymous title of an autobiographical book by writer Elizabeth Gilbert, which was made into a film by Julia Roberts in 2010.

“Let fear not hold you back and let nothing stop you. Put passion into everything you do. That’s the difference between reaching your goals and achieving your objectives or staying on the road imagining what could have been,” she concludes.

This masterpiece of the seventh art reminds us that good things don’t need to be understood. Life sentence is a candidate to watch in any circumstance, especially in the current times: “Its story tells us about resilience in the face of adversity and the creation of emotional bonds,” says Rina Reyes, a psychologist focused on anxiety, stress and emotional management.

Psychologist Cristina Martínez proposes Una mente maravillosa as the case of a person with a severe mental pathology who learns to live with it, showing the symptoms they present and, therefore, bringing mental illness closer to the general population.

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The mayors of the Balearic Islands are concerned about the incidence of the coronavirus in their respective municipalities. Many want to know how many cases of infection have occurred among their neighbors, information that the Servei de Salut del Govern (IBSalut) has refused to offer to avoid that it can generate the stigmatization of the sick and their immediate families.

We are going to have the bull always catches us but as it is not possible that there is a statistic or count of each municipality with how simple it is ah and it will not be for work because if before they touched the noses of the workers of the town halls now more in these times of crisis.

What a chupipandi, not even if they had to give names and addresses and put a photo! The most normal thing would be to warn the population to avoid more infections or deaths by informing the most risky areas … I think they do not even know, and if they finally say it, they will invent it ….

Tamara falco mi casa es la tuya
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