Sonia higuera ruta de la plata

Sonia higuera ruta de la plata

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The conservation of plants is essential for human survival and that of all species that inhabit the planet. Plants maintain an infinity of vital processes, known or yet to be discovered, and provide diverse benefits to human societies, which directly and indirectly owe a large part of their development to this close relationship.

The importance of biological diversity, as well as its interest for humanity, was recognized at the international level in the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), which established the responsibility of states and society to establish measures for its conservation, sustainable use and the fair and equitable distribution of the benefits derived from its use. To this end, other instruments have been generated that contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of the CBD, including the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), adopted by the Conference of the Parties to the CBD in 2002 as the first step towards the development and adoption of targets for the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity2 .

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A kaleidoscope of the Latin American street: readings of the social surface of and around Walter Benjamin in two avenues: Alameda Poniente in Santiago de Chile and Insurgentes Centro in Mexico City.

Prevalence of chronic kidney disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus, factors associated with its development and medical management in the Hospital Central Sur de Alta Especialidad (HCSAE) of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX).

Citizen participation : alternative to restore and improve the conditions of open spaces in housing units with the intervention of condominium owners : case : Unidad Habitacional Lomas de Plateros, México, D.F.

Analysis of the deformation and active subsidence caused by the drying of the Parangueo corner sea lake (Guanajuato, Mexico) by means of analog models and ground penetrating radar (rpt) profiles.

Cut by the same scissors : cultural analysis of fragments of the lives of women academics who studied during the 1960s and 1970s to construct the formative pattern of gender education.

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Burton, J. H. ed. 1849. The Darien Papers: Being A Selection of Original Letters and Official Documents Relating to the Establishment of A Colony at Darien by the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies, 1695-1700 (Edimburgo: Ballantyne).

Philo-Caledon 1699. Una defensa del asentamiento escocés en Darién con una respuesta al memorial español contra él, y argumentos para demostrar que es el interés de Inglaterra unirse a los escoceses y protegerlo: a lo que se añade una descripción del país, y una cuenta particular de la colonia escocesa (n.p., n.p.).

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Sonia higuera ruta de la plata
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